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Hotchkiss Leather

The Scrambler - Leather Biker Wallet

The Scrambler - Leather Biker Wallet

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The Scrambler is a mid-sized leather biker chain wallet. It measure 6.75" long by approximately 3.5" wide when closed. This wallet is great for nomads wandering the wastelands fighting not only to survive, but to conquer! The triangular pattern was carved by hand.


  • 2 Extra Wide Card Slots
  • Full Length Cash Pocket
  • Suede lining
  • Corner Snaps to secure your goods
  • Zippered pouch for coins, cards, or a couple spare rounds.
  • D-Ring for a Wallet Chain

I HIGHLY recommend using Chamberlain's Leather Milk Liniment No. 1 regularly on my products in order to keep your leather item healthy, supple, and soft.

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