About Us

Rugged Luxury

We believe in making only the best best quality leather goods, that will also hold-up from constant use. We use full grain leathers, and quality hardware in our creations

How We Began..

I thought to myself one day, 'I'd like to make my own leather gun holster.' So I did the research, bought the raw materials, and made my first leather piece. Christmas was right around the corner so I thought I'd make some gifts for the family, so I made a tool belt, a leather wallet, and a wine caddy. By then I had fallen in love with leatherwork! Friends and associates began asking me to make custom leather items for them. Word of mouth spread, and all of a sudden I had a business on my hands. 

Each of my leather items are crafted by me, entirely by hand. I only want to send my best work out into the world, so I ensure that each item has been made to exacting specifications. When I need an extra set of hands, Angela steps in to help hand-stitch, and offers advice on how to improve my products. 

Please contact me for custom inquiries or browse my leather goods.


Patrick Hotchkiss