About Us

I thought to myself one day, 'I'd like to make my own leather gun holster.' So I did the research, bought the raw materials, and made my first leather piece. Christmas was right around the corner so I thought I'd make some gifts for the family, and made a kid's toolbelt, an address book cover, and a wine caddy. By then I had fallen in love with leatherwork! Friends and associates began asking me to make custom leather items for them. Word of mouth spread from there and all of a sudden I had a business on my hands. 

Each of my leather goods are crafted by me entirely by hand. I only want to send my best out into the world. When I need an extra set of hands, Angela steps up to help hand stitch and offers advice on design or how to improve my products. 

Please contact me for custom inquiries or browse my more common products here.


Patrick Hotchkiss