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Chamberlain's Auto Refreshener No. 4 - Leather Auto Upholstery Conditioner

Chamberlain's Auto Refreshener No. 4 - Leather Auto Upholstery Conditioner

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This auto upholstery cream acts as a softener, cleaner, conditioner, and UV protectant for your leather or vinyl auto upholstery. Made from an environmentally friendly mix of oils and nutrients that is specifically designed for auto upholstery. It's the perfect solution for leather conditioning and restoration for your motorcycle, car, or even your leather couch that sits in sunlight throughout the day. 

As this mixture absorbs into the leather, it strengthens and conditions the fibers, making your leather seats last longer. The is a light cleaning element included in the formula, and helps lift out oil or residual dirt. It also acts as a moderate repellent against common spills and dirt. As this leather conditioner absorbs into the leather it gives off a slight coconut scent until it fully absorbs.


  • FDA approved, environmentally safe, cosmetic grade ingredients
  • Provides UV protection
  • Great for motorcycle, auto, and leather couch upholstery
  • Moderate repellent against spills and dirt
  • Includes cotton applicator pad

Note: Not for use with suede or nubuck leathers***

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