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Chamberlain's Healing Balm - Extreme Leather Conditioner & Restorer

Chamberlain's Healing Balm - Extreme Leather Conditioner & Restorer

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This formula was designed for use with extremely dry leather items, offering intense leather healing effects. Created from a mix of cosmetic grade adhesives, and penetrating oils & waxes, this leather conditioner brings badly dried or scuffed leathers back to life. If your looking to restore and old or un-cared-for leather bag, boots, or other item - This leather healing balm is for you!

Designed to heal scratches, cuts, and small cracks as well has soften and rehydrate dried & damaged leather. It's effective at bringing back a smooth surface, and that shine or gloss your leather once had. This balm, like all conditioners, will slightly darken the leather; particularly if it's a light colored leather. Test it first in an inconspicuous area to see it's results.


  • FDA approved, environmentally safe, cosmetic grade ingredients
  • Heals scratches, cuts, and small cracks
  • Moderate repellent against spills and dirt
  • Includes a fine pore sponge applicator

Note: Not for use with suede, nubuck, or extremely soft leathers***

This balm is meant to heal damaged leather, so if you're looking to condition your moderately dry leather check out Chamberlain's Leather Milk - Liniment No. 1


  1. First test the balm in a discreet area, and if you're satisfied with the result continue to the next step.
  2. Use the absorption sponge or your finger and lightly dab the balm.
  3. Lightly apply the balm in gentle, circular strokes where the leather is damaged or blemished.
  4. Allow the balm to absorb naturally, don't try to rub it in.
  5. When the conditioning balm no long absorbs, buff off any excess with a soft cotton or microfiber cloth and allow the leather to dry.
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