Custom Leather Guitar Straps

Custom Books are Currently Closed

After your axe and your rig, your guitar strap is the next most important thing for a great performance. It's clutch to have a comfortable and strong leather strap with some killer artwork representing your style. Why have a plain janky strap when your guitar is so badass?

My tooled leather guitar straps are made by hand to customer specifications. The length is tailored to what you like, or I can make it with an adjustable back strap for a wider range of play styles. These can be made with or without a liner, depending on your preference. The width, length, color, and artwork are all options available for you to choose. Common widths are 2" to 3.5", but any variations on that are possible. The strap holes can be punched to fit a strap lock, or punched with a slit to fit traditional strap buttons. 

Please reach out with the form below or by email with your ideas for your custom guitar strap. Some information to include is how wide would you like your strap, how long (hole to hole) your current strap is, what kind of artwork you'd like (if any), what color(s) you want, and any questions you might have. These are made by hand and I dump hours of work in them, so turnaround time may sometimes run long.