Maintaining your Leather Goods

Maintaining your Leather Goods

Just like keeping up on regular maintenance of your vehicle is vital for it's longevity, so is keeping your leathers goods important for their longevity. There are some simple rules of thumb to keeping your leather soft, supple, and healthy. Here we will detail how to care for your Hotchkiss Leather goods.

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Basic Leather Care:

Keep your leather clear from water and other fluids. If you spill your beer or dip cup on your leather item, quickly absorb the fluids with a dry towel. Keep dabbing the fluids up, and applying light pressure to affected areas. Swap the towel out for a new dry towel if it becomes damp. Once you've absorbed as much liquid as possible, set the leather item out to air dry. Try to keep it around room temperature as it dries, and keep it out of direct sunlight.

Don't use cleaning products with alcohol. Use a cleaning and conditioning product designed specifically for leather. I'm a big advocate of Chamberlains Leather Milk, it's the best I've found as it's made with all natural ingredients. When cleaning, begin with a very lightly damp, soft, washcloth and lightly scrub the surface of the leather. Don't rub too much moisture into the leather, just enough to clean the outer layer of leather. Once that slight moister dries, use a soft cotton applicator and massage the Leather Milk into the leather to rehydrate and smooth over any scratches and blemishes. 

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The best of leathers need regular maintenance to be sure it ages well. Old leathers, when cared for right, develop patina and character over time. Be sure to take care of your leather goods, and maybe you'll be able to pass them down to the next generations.  

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