Why Handmade Leather is the Right Choice Over Cheaper, Factory-Made Leather

Why Handmade Leather is the Right Choice Over Cheaper, Factory-Made Leather

Custom Leather Wallet

Don't worry, I'm guilty of it too at times. Finding low-cost items to save your money is sometimes necessary, but other times it's an easy trap to fall in. We all have our financial priorities; paying our mortgage/rent, car payments, insurance, food, clothing, tools, ammunition, survival rations, streaming subscriptions, and so on. Clearly there are some items in our budgets that are of a higher priority than others. 

On things like packing tape, printer paper, dish scrubbers, and bird nets for my garden, I'll shop the least expensive options online. These things are paltry, everyday items of an average importance with little necessity for being the highest of quality. So I buy these types of things from cheap mass produced eCommerce websites. But when it comes to items that feed my interests, why would I buy the bottom-of-the-barrel versions from Amazon? Well, I don't!

High Carbon Steel Kitchen Knives

I'm willing to spend $300 a piece on handmade high carbon steel kitchen knives with maple burl handles, because I absolutely love to cook. I will also throw down on some comfortable bespoke shoes, because I like comfort and style. When I buy a new rifle, I'll buy from a small armory like SMOS Arms. When it comes to things I enjoy, I'll spend a few extra bucks to get something that myself and others will enjoy.

SMOS Arms SM-15

When shopping for leather belts, wallets, and bags we could go buy something that was machined in an assembly line. However, I want gear that will last me for years rather than months. When I pull out my wallet in the checkout line at the grocery store, I don't pull out some ordinary wallet. My wallet has lasted for years, has a unique style, and really stands out to those around me. They're constant conversation starters, which I like, because I like interacting with you humans. When guests come for dinner, and they see me chopping away with my custom knives, they want to know all about them. This always leads to fun interactions with like-minded individuals. And for this reason, as well as the heirloom quality of our goods, you should consider buying Hotchkiss Leather wallets, belts, and other accessories. 

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