Rasputin Leather Wallet

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This leather wallet was made by hand with original artwork on the inside and outside of the wallet. It features 4 card pockets and one cash pocket. Made from high quality veg-tanned leathers, it will soften greatly and form to your cards with use. This can be modified to install an eyelet for a chain.

'The Mad Monk' Rasputin was a Russian mystic who gained the favor of the Tsar and royal family by 'healing' their ailing son. He was a charismatic man who influenced the Tsar and Tsarina with much controversy. The first assassination attempt came in 1914 when a prostitute approached him on the street and stabbed him in the gut. As Rasputin's entrails hung out partially from his wound she cried "I've killed the Antichrist!!" However, he survived. Two years later in 1916 Grand Duke Pavlovich and Prince Yusupov poisoned his wine and food with cyanide to which he showed no signs of ill effects. The Prince took his revolver and shot him in the chest. Rasputin fell to the ground. A short while later after they tried to cover up the crime, Rasputin leapt to his feet upon their return and grabbed hold of the Prince. The Prince broke free and ran and while Rasputin chased him he was shot in the back by the Grand Duke. They then beat him with a truncheon and shot him point blank in the forehead. They wrapped him in a blanket and threw him from a bridge into an ice covered river. His body broke through the ice and floated beneath it. Upon the autopsy of his corpse water was discovered in his lungs, meaning he was still breathing when he was thrown beneath the ice… Hard To Kill is an understatement.

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