Linen and Latigo Leather Razor and Knife Strop

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These hand made linen and latigo leather stops are the way to get the finest razor's edge - After you've honed the edge of your razor or knife, you strop the edge across the linen to clean any bits of metal or dirt left on the blade. Then, you strop your blade across the leather to straighten or re-align the edge of your blade. This helps to achieve razor sharpness. Alternatively, you can also use the leather along with an abrasive to hone your blade. In this case, you would want a separate leather piece to strop the blade afterwards. But never use the same piece of leather to both hone and strop your blades. The leather and linen strips are replaceable and I offer replacement pieces.

The latigo leather is 3" wide with 20" of usable length.

The linen is 2" wide with 20" of usable length.

If you're new to stropping, be sure to do a little research on good technique to insure your blades are sharp and straight.

All orders currently have a 1-2 week lead time. Each item is individually made to order by hand.