This leather wallet was made by hand with artwork based on HR Giger's Baphomet painting, seen on the cover of his art book Necronomicon. It features 4 card pockets, 1 cash pocket, and a chain eyelet. Made from high quality veg-tanned leathers, it will soften greatly and form to your cards with use.

HR Giger is known by most for his work designing the xenomorphs in Ridley Scott's movies Alien & Aliens, as well as Dennis Feldman's creature 'Sil' in the film Species. To his fans, he's known for the countless paintings and sculptures of biomechanical creatures, landscapes, and occult subjects. He is my favorite artist and I occasionally create items with my take on his works. If you like dark art, look up his art books online and you won't be disappointed. Or visit his museum in Switzerland which features permanent installments of many of his works. After taking in his artwork you can pop into Giger Bar next door and enjoy a 'HR Giger' (Gin/Green Vodka/Green Lemon) or a shot of 'Face Hugger' (Vodka/Cassis/Tabasco.)

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I HIGHLY recommend using Chamberlain's Leather Milk Liniment No. 1 regularly on my products in order to keep your leather item healthy, supple, and soft. You can purchase it by clicking HERE

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