Barber of Stylist Tool Roll with Day of The Dead Artwork

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- Dimensions: 11" X 20" fully open. 
- 12 Pockets of varying widths.
- Hair Clip Strap

This one of a kind tool roll will hold a multitude of your hair styling tools. From scissors, razors, combs, clips, cards and whatever else you need to stow on the go. The slots are covered with a leather curtain to further secure your gear once you've rolled it up and are on the move. The leather is treated to be water/oil resistant. The stitching was done by hand and is reinforced by rivets. Made from quality veg-tanned leather, it begins stiff and quickly softens and forms to your tools with use.

The original artwork of a Day of the Dead skull faced woman was tooled and colored by hand. The cover is matte black, while the straps and interior are tones of Oxblood and Burgundy.

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