Vampire Mini Biker Wallet with Artwork by ruffymutt

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This  handmade leather Mini Biker Wallet is printed with dual Vampires artwork by the great ruffymutt. He is known for his illustrations depicting classic monsters, zombies, reapers, vampires, devilish characters and brutal scenes. All created with a certain macabre beauty. A true master of dark art. This was made entirely by hand with an attention to detail and quality. Profits from sales of this wallet are split with the artist.


- 6 Card Slots

- 2 Hidden Card Slots

- Large Cash and Keepsake pocket

- Secure Strap with snap

This can be converted for use with a chain of your own, or I can make a braided leather chain to accompany it. Contact Us for customization.


This item is made to order and could take 5+ weeks to fulfill. Ask what my lead time is at the time of ordering.