Leather Bifold Wallet with artwork by ruffymutt

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This handmade leather bifold wallet is printed with works by the great Ruffymutt. He is known for his illustrations depicting classic monsters, zombies, reapers, devilish characters and brutal scenes. All created with a certain macabre beauty. A true master of dark art.

This wallet was created by hand; cut, stitched, and burnished. It has four card slots that can fit credit cards, drivers license, business cards, etc. The 2 larger pockets behind the card slots can hold folded money, a passport, receipts, notes, metro tickets, Fieldnotes booklets, or whatever else you need to stow. This fits easily in a back pocket, most front pockets, and purses. 

This can also be made into a braided leather chain wallet with matte black hardware. Just let me know before you order.

All orders currently have a 4-5 week lead time. Each item is individually made to order by hand.

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